And Thus It Begins

Blogs are interesting things. To use a stale form of analysis, the word “blog” comes from the shortened form of “weblog”, which is, itself, merely a log on the web. Questions abound. What am I logging? What purpose does logging serve? Do I need to include a star date on each of my entries? Why should someone care about a log of my life?

In light of these questions, I assert this: logs are for computers. And, as much as I dream of having a robot body in the style of Ghost in the Shell—thanks, dysphoria— I am not a computer. So obviously no log for me.

Instead, I think a blog is the perfect place to illustrate what I don’t like about the world, and I think there is enough I dislike about the world to write quasi-regularly about it. For example, introductions to blogs.

I think there’s something special in disliking things. I think it’s a better gauge of one’s personal philosophy, and an easier one to assemble. I think there’s also a benefit to understanding dislike itself, and the nature of one’s own dislikes. A great deal of the consequences caused by human existence stem from the tendency for humans to dislike each other, for sometimes good but much more often really terrible reasons.

One of the most objectionable ideas to me is the idea that all opinions are valid, and no opinion is wrong. I want to move past this with my blog. I want to solidify the right kind of dislike, in terms of my own life. (In this way, I guess it is a log.) There should be things that are looked down upon, things that we should no longer take for granted. I want to communicate what these things are in my experience, in a pragmatic, concrete way driven by this bigger picture.

And thus, my blog begins.