Current Research

This is a list of current long- to medium-term research projects I am working on.

Trans Persons and Academia: A Philosophical Perspective

As a non-binary academic, an area of particular interest to me is the experiences of of trans and gender non-conforming (GNC) people in academia. Given academia’s systemic nature, it is expected that trans and GNC people would face hardship in academia; but given academia’s ideological tendency trans and GNC towards libertarian social policy, it is expected that trans and GNC people are embraced by academia.

This research project encompasses two parts: the first being an empirical analysis of the experiences of trans and GNC persons in academia, using both statistical surveys and more holistic interviews and subject-produced writing; and the second being a short treatise on a new philosophy of higher education that resolves the issues trans and GNC people face in higher education.

Invocational Naming, Gender-Based Renaming, and the Causal Theory of Names

A few related things here:

First, a survey with E. McCready about how trans persons pick their names. How many choose their name based on ethnic/cultures factors? How many base it on their gender or traits associated with their gender? Eventual paper/analysis to follow, link to full survey forthcoming.

Second, a paper on how I believe trans renaming fits the Causal Theory of Names rather than the Descriptive Theory, and the failures of the Descriptive Theory to account for renaming oneself.

Metaphysics of Virtual Reality

Eventual talk on how VR and AR technologies are shaping our conceptions of the world around us.

Pictorial Depictions and Conversational Implicature

Inspired by a talk by Alva Noë at PUUPC, an exploration of how pictures affect pragmatics.

Ethics of Character Alignment

Analysis of how D&D character alignment systems correspond with ethical systems.

VA-11 HALL-A and 2064: Read Only Memories: A Life in a Cyberpunk World

Analysis of the visual novels VA-11 HALL-A and 2064: Read Only Memories and their depictions of a bleak, gritty future from the perspective of people either caught up in or on the sidelines of world-changing events.

Philosophy of Ghost in the Shell

Analysis of the philosophical themes and theories of the Ghost in the Shell series, including the systems theory and philosophy of mind outlined in the work.

The Philosophy of Anarcho-Socialism

Treatise on the moral and political philosophy necessary for anarcho-socialism, a sketch of a praxis for its implementation, and lessons one can learn from literature about anarcho-socialism.