ENG Jole


A.B. Philosophy, Occidental College, 2018.

Specializations & Interests

My areas of specialization are: semantics, esp. proper names; pragmatics; sociolinguistics, esp. lavender linguistics; philosophy of language; metalinguistics; and metaphilosophy. I have interests in Japanese semantics & pragmatics, literature, and culture; moral psychology; moral philosophy; and social philosophy.



(In Preparation.) With Elin McCready. Naming Practices of Trans Persons.


Voluntary Action and the Causal Adequacy Principle. Southern California Conferences for Undergraduate
Research. University of California, Riverside. November 12, 2016.
Linguistics of Gender-Neutral Language. Asterisk Trans* Conference. University of California, Riverside.
February 25 2017.
Voluntary Action and the Causal Adequacy Principle. Pacific University Philosophy Conference. Pacific
University. April 22, 2017.
Cross-Cultural Surveys and Intuition-Based Methodologies in Philosophy. Department of Philosophy Senior Comprehensives. Occidental College. November 29, 2017.
Linguistics of Gender-Language 2.0. Asterisk Trans* Conference. Occidental College. March 31, 2018.
Implications of Experimental Philosophy on Geoffery Pullum and the Grammaticality of Singular They. Southern    California Undergraduate Linguistics Conference. April 14, 2018.

Non-Academic Writing

On Intuitions, Experimental Philosophy, and Geoffery K. Pullum” Medium, December 2017.

Teaching Experience

Community Based Learning Mentor, Los Angeles River High School in partnership with Occidental College, Spring 2017.
Developed curriculum and text for first-order logic, in addition to teaching assistant duties.

Service to the Profession

Member, Student Panel, Professor of Asian Art History Search Committee, Department of Art & Art
History & Department of East Asian Languages & Cultures, Occidental College, Spring 2017.
Member, Planning Committee, 4th Annual Asterisk Trans* Conference at Occidental College, Fall 2017-Spring 2018.

Technology Experience


Extensive experience with Java, Python, Haskell, TeX, AppleScript, and shell scripting

Experience with SQL (including mySQL implementations) & HTML/CSS/JavaScript


Extensive experience with macOS, Linux, and Windows in enterprise environments

Extensive experience with RaspberryPi microcomputers

Experience with network management & data visualization